We're committed to Solar Systems

Kamla Instruments is committed to promoting energy independence with the installation of solar systems in our State and across, with over thousands of systems installed in the last 15 years. We take exceptional pride in all our work from preliminary design through permitting, installation, final inspection and interconnection with the utility company. We do it all in-house and we do not hire subcontractors. All our personnel, design and installation teams comprise of enthusiastic people who share a common goal, of using solar energy for a brighter future for all.

Economic Benefits

Lower Your Electric Bills. Net Metering Allows You To Sell Your Excess Electricity To The Utility Company For Even Lower Energy Bills!

Environmental Benefits

Solar Energy Creates Clean, Renewable Power From The Sun And Benefits The Environment. Alternatives To Fossil Fuels Reduce Carbon Footprint At Home And Abroad,

Government Policy

Government Of India Have Introduced Various Subsidy On The Solar Enegy Take Advantage Of Tax Credits From The State Government. The National Solar Mission Was Launched