Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar pumping solutions is the most economical solution available today to a farmer to run his existing water pump . With severe shortage of power in the rural sectors, there is growing popularity for Solar Pumps. The Solar Pumps can run for over 8 hours in a day and does not need any grid input. Employing a Solar Pump ensured better yield of crops and thereby maximizing profits. Kamla Solutions provides end to end solution for Solar Water Pumping Solutions.

COMPONENTS OF Solar Pumping System :

PV Pump Inverter – (VariableFrequencyDrive).

Three-phase AC water pump.

Solar PV panels connected in series & parallel combination to achieve the desired voltage and current necessary to drive the ac pump.

Mounting structure will ensure the long life hassle-free operation provided with either fixed mounting or manual tracking system.

VFD drive can convert DC power produced by solar panels into AC to drive the water pump. According to the sunlight intensity the motor speed gets adjusted, the output power nears to the solar array maximum power when the sunshine is sufficient but will ensure the pump speed does not exceed the rated speed. When sunlight is insufficient, it will automatic stop working according to the minimum operating frequency.
We currently provide Solar Pump solutions for 3HP, 5HP , 7.5HP, 10 HP and above.

Environmental Impact


Overall, we help you determine what system is best for you.
We do necessary assessments and based on your specific needs, we design the system, build it, and integrate it so that all you have to do is enjoy its benefits.